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Vision City

For several years, i.e. even before Corona, Bremen’s city center has been caught between innovations, large-scale projects and investment projects, structural change and urban programs. This means that in Bremen city center in particular, even more so than in other major German cities, we are currently in the process of change - albeit with greater potential and good prospects than elsewhere. The privately financed investment projects in particular, but also the public sector programs that are currently being set up, such as the inner city action program or the inner city future fund, which is intended to cushion the impact of the corona pandemic, are important drivers and guard rails.

The CityInitiative reports annually on the most important projects and topics relating to urban development in the city as part of the urban development brochure and exhibition that takes place around 6 weeks. The latter also uses vacancies as an interim use concept and upgrades locations.

Urban development brochure "Perspectives: From the district to the city center" 2022: Download here

Urban development brochure "City Perspectives" 2020: Download here

Urban planning brochure "Bremen the European City" 2019 : Download here

Urban planning brochure "Bremer Kran Ballett" 2018: Download here

The next brochure and exhibition are planned for winter 2022/2023.