Conditions of Participation

Conditions of participation for competitions of the Bremehr

Our general conditions of participation at a glance.

1. This is how the competition works

The organizer of the competition is CS City Service GmbH (hereinafter "CS"). There is an entry period for each competition. Participation in the competition takes place online or on the social media channels used. Only entries received during the entry period will be considered. Each person may only enter the competition once. Participation in the competition is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods from CS.

2. Eligibility

Only adult participants with their own permanent residence in Germany are entitled to participate. The legal representatives and employees of CS as well as all other persons involved in the implementation of the competition are excluded from participation.

3. Disqualification of Participants

CS reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition who violate the conditions of participation or attempt to influence the competition through technical manipulation. In the event of an exclusion, prizes can also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed. In this case, substitute winners can be drawn at random.

4. Profits

The prize is described on the website or on the social media channels of CS.

The draw for the prize will take place after the entry deadline among the entries received during the entry period on the social media channels used. Winners will be notified promptly by email or private message using the email address or profile provided by the entrant. Participants are responsible for the accuracy of the email address provided. If the participants cannot be reached due to incorrect data, the entitlement to the prize will be forfeited. CS or the other persons involved in conducting the competition are under no obligation to check addresses given by participants.

A cash payment of the prize is not possible. Prize is not transferable or exchangeable. The legal process is excluded. The winners themselves are responsible for any taxation of the prize. Additional costs associated with claiming the prize will be borne by the winner.

5. Governing Law

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively applicable.


In order to be able to participate in the competition, it is essential to transmit personal data. The personal data received from the participants will only be stored and used to carry out the competition and will be deleted again after the prize draw, unless the participants have expressly consented to further use. Participants are free at any time to revoke their consent to the storage by sending an email to and thus withdrawing from participation. With the deletion of the data, participation in the competition and any subsequent raffle is excluded.

The data protection declaration of BreMore can be found here: