The term "Schnoor" comes from the Low German word "Snoor" and means string, because the small houses stand as close together as pearls on a string. In Bremen's oldest quarter, river fishermen and boatmen used to live. Today, the Schnoor is an attraction for tourists and Bremeners on the trail of history. In the car-free quarter, it's worth strolling through all the alleyways, because there a many well hidden shops. Whether handicrafts, jewellery, design, chocolates or advertising signs from times long past: You can always discover something new in the Schnoor. 


On historical paths

The Schnoor was first mentioned in writing in the 13th century in connection with the Franciscan monastery. In the 14th century, the associated provost church of St. Johann was added. This is still one of the most important buildings in the Schnoor today and is affectionately known as "The Little Vatican in the Schnoor". The Schnoor is one of Bremen's most interesting districts. Here, Bremen's history, lively everyday life and a variety of tourist attractions combine to create a place with a very special atmosphere.

Atmospheric shopping and enjoyment

The Schnoor is dominated by a cosy, quaint atmosphere. Visitors and residents alike are attracted by its narrow alleys and nooks. If you stroll past the numerous restaurants, cafés and pubs, you will notice the many historic buildings that have been lovingly restored over the past decades. In addition, there are many arts and crafts businesses and antique shops with an exceptional range of goods.

Cultural diversity and hidden treasures

Bremen's oldest district has numerous cultural institutions such as theatres, variety shows, galleries and museums. In the Bremen Story House, the history of the Hanseatic city is brought to life through stories and characters, while humorous plays are performed in the Packhaustheater. The Catholic church of St. Johann in Hohe Straße 2 delights with a modern lighting concept and thanks to the music department of the University of the Arts, enchanting sounds often resound through the narrow streets.

Our tip

A short detour to the Schnoorkrämerei promises the enjoyment of typical Bremen delicacies, such as the Bremer Babbeler.


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