17. Mai 2021

Colorful flowers, green oases, the diversity of nature - under the motto "Flower Rush", 45 Bremen artists present their impressions and thoughts on this timeless and always impressive art theme in over 180 works. You can look forward to different perspectives on the topic and a variety of techniques. Expect sculptures, objects, woodwork, paintings and origami creations. The works of art offer floral impressions for the eye and convey the feeling of vitality and spring awakening.

"Flower Frenzy" was created based on the exhibition of exotic plants and tropical butterflies in the botanika , which also invites you to visit. At the same time, it accompanies the campaign "Bremen is in bloom".

The CityGalerie is an interim use concept by the CityInitiative Bremen Werbung eV that revitalizes and strengthens vacancies and locations through artistic impulses. Admission to the exhibition is free. The interim use project is made possible this year by the inner city action program from the Senator for Economics, Labor and Europe. A big thank you also goes to property owner Marco Bremermann, who made the space available.

Opening: On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., we cordially invite all media representatives to a one-on-one tour, taking appropriate hygiene measures. If you are interested, send a short e-mail to inter-use@bremen-city.de to arrange an appointment.
The artists take turns looking after the gallery during opening hours and are on-site contacts for visitors. Entry is only possible with nose and mouth protection, further hygiene measures are based on the valid Corona regulations and will be adjusted accordingly.

Address: Am Wall 153-156, 28195 Bremen
Opening hours: 05/19/2021 - 07/30/2021,
Wednesday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Only possible with an appointment. Please send a short e-mail to inter-use@bremen-city.de .

free entry

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Bremen blueht auf Domshof 2024

Leisure + Culture

Bremen City is blooming!

01.Mai 2024
The neighborhoods and shopping streets shine in a flowery ambience // Just in time for spring, plants are being planted diligently in every nook and cranny of Bremen's city center. The CityInitiative's flower pots with blooming oleander will decorate the streets of Bremen's city center from May onwards.
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CityGalerie Begander Renate Wasserhoehle

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CityGalerie cave worlds

20.März 2024
“Cave Worlds” exhibition opens from March 21st to May 31st, 2024 / In cooperation with the current exhibition “Fascination of Caves”, 52 Bremen artists have become creative
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Essighaus Stadtwaage Perspektive

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11.August 2022
Der Wandel in Bremen City zusammengefasst in einer Broschüre. Entwicklungsprojekte, Konzepte, Maßnahmen - alles über die Innenstadtentwicklung 2022
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Citysandkaesten 2022

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City sandpits

05.Juli 2022
For families with small children there are again the popular sandboxes on the Ansgarikirchhof! While the parents find comfortable space on the generous wooden edges, the little ones can dig undisturbed and relaxed.
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Bremen blüht auf Obernstraße

Leisure + Culture

The city of Bremen is flourishing

17.Mai 2022
The spring gardens on the Ansgarikirchhof are set up, over 100 flower pots with rhododendrons and early bloomers, which are financed by the CityInitiative and residents, are in the quarters and shopping streets of the city centre.
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Leisure + Culture

10 years CityGallery

28.März 2022
This year the CityGalerie will be 10 years old. This is to be celebrated with the exhibition "From Sylvette to Manet - A Review". An art collection of the most popular works of the past decade is presented.
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CityGalerie: Künstlerfreundschaften

Leisure + Culture

City Gallery - Artist Friendships

04.November 2021
The CityGalerie opens in cooperation with and for the special exhibition of the Kunsthalle Bremen “Manet and Astruc. Artist Friends" an exhibition entitled "Artist Friendships - A Tribute to Manet, Astruc and Friends".
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Leisure + Culture

Autumn Gardens

01.September 2021
Enjoy the lunch break, have a quick coffee or savor the beautiful autumn days - Three City Gardens invite visitors with comfortable seating to enjoy the autumn sun in the city center.
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Urban Gardening

Leisure + Culture

Urban Gardening - Vegetable Yard

01.Juli 2021
An urban garden is being built on the Hanseatenhof and offers an oasis of calm that invites you to linger a little away from the summer hustle and bustle. In autumn the useful plants can be harvested.
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CityGalerie Blumenrausch

Leisure + Culture

City Galerie - Blumenrausch

17.Mai 2021
Colorful flowers, green oases, the diversity of nature - under the motto "Flower Rush", 45 Bremen artists present their impressions and thoughts on this impressive art theme in over 180 works.
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