Service provider for project-oriented city marketing

CS City-Service GmbH

As a subsidiary of CityIniative Bremen Werbung e.V. (90%) and BREPARK GmbH (10%), CS City-Service GmbH acts as a project-oriented service provider for all aspects of city marketing. On behalf of the shareholders, it looks after location communities and is the project sponsor for the Business Improvement Districts. CS City-Service GmbH has been active on the market since 2007.

Current projects


Since 01.07.2008, CS City-Service GmbH has been supervised the LLOYD PASSAGE GbR in the areas of advertising and maintenance. It takes care of the organisation and implementation of events, decoration, marketing and public relations for the shareholders and, in the area of maintenance, looks after the floor and roof construction. You can find more information about LLOYD PASSAGE here.


Schlachte Marketing und Service Verband e. V.

CS City-Service GmbH is responsible for the city management of the Schlachte Marketing und Service Verband e.V.. This is where the network of members, restaurateurs, ship operators and other residents are maintained, interests are bundled, measures to strengthen the destination such as events or advertising are developed, and the issues are actively represented to politicians. Click here for the Schlachte website.

BID Sögestraße and BID Ansgari Quartier

CS City-Service GmbH is responsible for the BIDs in Bremen: the BID Sögestraße and the BID Ansgari Quartier. Here we take over the management, such as the implementation of events, design measures, advertising or measures for safety and cleanliness. Further information on the subject of BIDs can be found here.

Walldach GbR

The owners of the properties Am Wall joined forces in 2017 to erect the glass roofing of the pavement on the retail side. The maintenance of the roof structure is the responsibility of CS City-Service GmbH.

Projects for residents' associations

CS City-Service GmbH carries out various temporary projects for residents. For example, together with residents, tenants and owners, it takes care of greening and winter lighting in Knochenhauerstraße, Langenstraße or Obernstraße. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact CS City-Service GmbH

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CS City-Service GmbH: LLOYD PASSAGE GbR, BID's, Walldach GbR

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Schlachte Marketing and Service Verband e.V.
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